Who are we?

Eduideal is the official representative of 7 Hungarian universities in Turkey and Middle-East Region since 2004.

Our office is managed by experienced education counsellors who has life and education experience in Hungary personally.

We provide registration services as well as supplementary education counselling services. We work closely with Hungarian consulate in Istanbul to provide a seamless passage to education in Hungary assisting students with their visa and residence permit applications for Hungary.

We help students to find accommodation in Hungary, assist their administration with local authorities in Hungary such as obtaining a student residence permit, immigration law, health insurance, transport cards as such.

Representation Services

We provide registration of students to Hungarian universities. We organize entrance exams on behalf of Hungarian universities in Turkey.

Represented Hungarian Universities


Supporting Services

  • We help students with accommodation in Hungary.
  • We help students in obtaining their Hungarian Student Visa.
  • We organize seminaries for adaptation to student life in Hungary.
  • We track students progress and arrange personal help with the courses when needed.
  • We help obtaining Student Residence Permit in Hungary.
  • We help opening a International Student Bank Account in Hungary.
  • We help obtaining monthly transport cards in Hungary.
  • We help obtaining a local mobile phone and internet in Hungary.

Why Eduideal?

  • We help you study in one of the top 500 universities in the world.
  • We support you both in Hungary and Turkey.
  • We are specialists in education in Hungary.
    Our counsellors have life and education experience in Hungary.
  • We help you to choose the best field, best city, best university for you without a fee.
  • We work closely with Hungarian authorities to help you to obtain a student visa and residence permit fastly and seamlessly.
  • We have local partners in Hungary to help you there. You will not feel alone.
  • We help you with finding an accommodation and local administration.
  • We track student progress during first year and help you with the courses when you need help.
  • We help you when and if you encounter problems during your stay.
  • We have 10+ years of experience in education in Hungary. We know exactly the problems you will encounter in advance.
  • We have helped more than 1000 students to have their university degree in Hungary.

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